Safe use of mini fridge

Safe use of mini fridge

  • 2021-07-22
A mini refrigerator (sometimes called an under-counter refrigerator) is exactly what it sounds like. It is a small version of the typical size refrigerator found in every American kitchen. There are home mini refrigerators, mini refrigerators for dormitories, mini refrigerators for bars, mini refrigerators for offices, and mini refrigerators for hotels. The difference lies in the size, lower power cost and freezer compartment-some mini-refrigerators do not have freezer space. In my opinion, the mini fridge is a unique way to store refrigerated beverages at the correct temperature and away from the food you eat.

When using the mini fridge, you should pay attention to the following safety precautions

1. Do not connect the mini refrigerator to the power supply before removing all the packaging.
2. When buying a new mini refrigerator, be sure to buy it from a reputable dealer and follow the manufacturer's instructions.
3. Always register new mini refrigerators with the manufacturer. In this way, if a safety recall is required, you can easily get in touch. Although the possibility of serious damage caused by a faulty product is very small, the risk still exists, and it is very easy to return the faulty product or order repairs.
4. Regularly check the plug and socket for burn marks, "arc" sound (buzzing or crackling), blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or feel too hot to touch.
5. Always ensure that there is no paper or other flammable materials in the area where the mini refrigerator is placed, and ensure that there is enough space behind the mini refrigerator for free air circulation.
6. Do not place the mini refrigerator near cookware, radiators or direct sunlight, as this will cause it to work harder to maintain the required internal temperature.
7. Do not block the internal or external vents of the mini refrigerator.
8. When placing the mini refrigerator in place, make sure not to clamp the power cord under it.

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