The best home solar power system

The best home solar power system

  • 2021-09-03
Green and environmentally friendly solar systems are currently widely used in various fields to bring us electricity. In the home solar system can bring electricity to the home and save costs. The portable solar system allows us to be outdoors and can power the mobile phone during the day instead of in the dark at night.

Fortunately for us, living in a solar house has never been easier. Advances in recent decades have made photovoltaic technology cheaper and more widely used than ever before.

But before you take out your wallet, you need to figure out two things.

Do you want a grid-connected system or a separate battery pack (photovoltaic off-grid solor power system)?

The independent battery pack is easy to carry and use, and the grid-connected system can share your excess power with neighbors. Photovoltaic off-grid energy system solutions can be widely used in remote mountainous areas, pastoral areas, islands and other areas with unstable power supply. At present, with the further reduction in the cost of energy storage batteries and the extension of cycle life, in the near future, the application of photovoltaic off-grid solutions will become more and more extensive.

How many solar panels do you need?

Inquire from, according to the electrical appliances you need to drive and the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) you produce, to provide enough power options for your home.

How to maintain the efficiency of solar panels?
1. Cooperate with reputable solar energy companies. Trustworthy solar installers will have many years of experience, not to mention the enthusiastic comments of previous customers. They will also have an impeccable customer service record-this is a must when you promise to make such an important purchase.

2. Ask your installer to check your panel regularly. We inspect cars on a regular basis. Why don’t we perform the same inspection on solar installations? It is recommended to perform cleaning and inspection once a year to ensure that your installation is operating at its best performance. You need to ask a professional to inspect it instead of doing it yourself, because if you accidentally scratch or damage any panel, it may invalidate your warranty.

3. Keep the panel clean. During the installation process, the solar company you choose to work with will ensure that no trees will drop branches on your panels. Nevertheless, you still need to make sure that during the entire life cycle of the system, your solar panels do not have any snow, branches, or debris that might affect its efficiency.

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