New portable power station launched

  • 2021-12-15
The portable power station is a small, portable generator. They allow your power tools, computers and other electronic products to charge and run smoothly. These multi-functional mobile power sources can be carried with you to construction sites, camping or other places where electricity is needed. It can charge your mobile phones and devices, and they are also useful backup power sources during power outages.

Compared with traditional generators, portable power stations are more environmentally friendly, noiseless and easy to use. The portable power station only needs to be fully charged, and you can charge your device by turning on the switch when in use.

We focus on the research and development of portable power stations. On the basis of the original, we have launched the following new products:

1. Portable power station with bluetooth speakers, allowing you to relax and enjoy high-quality music at any time when you are camping outdoors.
2. Parallel portable power stations. One device can be used when driving small-power equipment. When you want to drive large-scale equipment, you can drive the same type in parallel.
3. Roman column European style portable power station, new style, make the equipment more individual.

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