Solar power system for greenhouse

  • 2021-04-12
Solar power system for greenhouse
When a residential greenhouse grower comes to tell us that they want a solar system that can power his greenhouse, the first question we ask is: "Does your house have solar energy? Surprisingly, many People say no, even if the house consumes much more energy, they don’t consider solar energy for the house. If your goal is to reduce carbon emissions, it doesn’t matter whether the panels are in your house or in the greenhouse.

The home solar power system has the following advantages:

The large solar system can supply power for homes and greenhouses. Generally, this is also more cost-effective, allowing you to generate more motivation for your investment. By connecting the greenhouse to your house, it will also be powered by solar energy.

Placing solar panels on the roof of a greenhouse will block the light needed for growth or heating. If the greenhouse is large enough, there can be enough roof space to accommodate solar panels. Smaller residential greenhouses will want to consider using the roof or ground installation system of their houses to avoid unnecessary shadows.

When considering the use of photovoltaic systems, it is absolutely crucial to calculate the total electricity demand (also known as electrical load) of all equipment in the greenhouse during operation. The electrical load varies by greenhouse application. For example, a small residential greenhouse may only have one exhaust fan. This small electrical load can be powered by a small solar photovoltaic system, or even run on direct current (here you can learn about our small solar systems). This can avoid the cost of using an inverter (converting direct current to alternating current) and keep the total cost of the system at a low level. On the other hand, a large hydroponic plant greenhouse will have aerators, water heaters, water pumps, and possibly space heaters or cooling equipment. Multiple systems will generate a considerable electrical load, so a much larger solar photovoltaic system is required (see our large solar system), which is more expensive than the cost.

For specific applications of photovoltaic systems in homes and greenhouses, you can consult us

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