The composition and function of photovoltaic power generation panel components

  • 2021-04-03

Photovoltaic modules, also called solar panels, are the core part of the solar power system and the most important part of the solar power system:

The role of photovoltaic modules is to convert solar energy into electrical energy and send it to storage batteries to drive the load.

Photovoltaic modules are commonly known as solar panels, which are made of solar cells (two specifications of 125*125mm, 156*156mm, 124*124mm, etc.) or different specifications of solar cells cut by laser cutting machine or steel wire cutting machine Combine them together. Since the current and voltage of the monolithic solar cells are very small, we then connect them in series to obtain a high voltage, and then connect them in parallel to obtain a high current. A diode is used to prevent the current from returning and then output.

And encapsulate them on a stainless steel, aluminum or other non-metal frame, install the upper glass and the back plate on the back, fill it with nitrogen, and seal it.

The whole is called a module, which is a photovoltaic module or a solar cell module.

The above is the basic composition and application knowledge of photovoltaic power generation panels.

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