Are there any worries about power loss after using solar power system

Are there any worries about power loss after using solar power system

  • 2021-06-12
There are more and more users using solar power generation system. After using the solar power system, they found that the daily power generation did not meet their expectations. For example, some people install 3KW solar power system, but only produce 5 to 6KW/H a day, and some are even lower. why? Who stole my electricity? 

There are the follow aspects:
  • The voltage of wire decreases
  • PV module efficiency
  • Charge controller efficiency
  • Inverter efficiency
  • Loss and attenuation of storage battery

Ⅰ.PV module efficiency

The efficiency of PV modules has always been a topic of concern to everyone, but what is the relationship between the efficiency of PV modules and our actual power generation? Lots of people don’t know, now I am going to make a brief introduction. PV module efficiency refers to the power generation of PV modules per unit area. According to current efficiency, an area of 1 square meter can generate 200W of electricity when the installation and orientation are correct. At present, the largest size module is 1950*995 MM, and the Max power can be over 400W. The generating capacity of PV module will slowly decay with time. That is to say, the longer it takes, the lower the power of PV modules. Generally, after using 20 years, solar panels can still maintain 85% of the power generation, which is pretty good.

Is it true that the higher efficiency solar panels we use, the more power will be generated?

No, the higher efficiency of solar panels, the smaller area needed for installation. If the installation area is large enough, we can choose solar panels with higher cost performance.

Ⅱ. Charge controller efficiency

People always neglect charge controller efficiency easily. Because the price of the controller is relatively cheap, accounting for less than 10% of the whole solar power generation system, it has not attracted everyone’s attention. However, we must pay attention to the fact that controller efficiency directly affects efficiency of the whole solar power generation system.

At present, there are two kinds of solar controllers on the solar market. One is MPPT solar controller and the other is PWM solar controller. The PWM controller is a pulse width modulation controller, which is controlled by switching. The efficiency of PWM controller is only 75%.

For example, when a customer buys 3000W solar panels, but actually only 2250W is working, and the rest of 750W solar panels are wasted, which is a great loss for customer because a quarter of electricity generation is wasted. However, MPPT controller is different. The efficiency is as high as 99%. Not only the charging is quite stable, but also battery protection is comprehensive, so we recommend customers to use MPPT solar charge controller.

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