The analysis and solutions of common photovoltaic module problem

The analysis and solutions of common photovoltaic module problem

  • 2021-06-04
Photovoltaic module Problems

1. There are fragments in the components for the following reasons:
1). Since there is no welding level during the welding process, there is tin slag, the battery slice is crushed when vacuuming.
2). Originally, the battery slices have been concealed, and coupled with the premature lamination, EVA still has very good fluidity.
3). When lifting the component, the gesture problem caused the two hands to press on the battery slice.

2. There are bubbles in the components, the reasons are:
1). The EVA has been placed for too long after cutting, and it has absorbed moisture.
2). EVA material problem.
3). The vacuum is too short to drive out all the bubbles.
4). The pressure of lamination is not enough.
5). The temperature of the heating plate is uneven.
6). If the lamination time is too long or the temperature is too high, oxygen will be produced.
7). There is a foreign body, so that there is gas beside the foreign body.

3. There are hair and rubbish in the components, the reason:
1). Because EVA, DNP, and small cars have static electricity, they can suck hair, dust and some small garbage to the surface.
2). When stacking, the body is working on top of the components, and there is no guarantee that the body is free of hair and garbage.
3). Some small flying bugs drilled into the components desperately.

4. The bus bar is bent inward, the reason:
1). During lamination, more gas will accumulate at the bus bar position. The rubber sheet is pressed down to press out the gas from the component, and that part of the gap must be filled by EVA with better fluidity. This flow of EVA bends the originally straight bus bar.
2). The shrinkage of EVA.

5. The possible reasons for the unevenness of the back film of the module:
Excess EVA will stick to the high temperature cloth and rubber sheet.

Problem solution
One, there are fragments in the component
1. Quality control. First of all, we must control the welding quality in the welding area, and carry out some targeted training for the employees to make the welding take shape at one time.
2. Adjust the lamination process, increase the vacuum time, and reduce the lamination pressure (adjusted by the lamination time).
3. Control each link and optimize the laminating staff's gestures for lifting the board.

Two, there are bubbles in the component
1. Control the amount of EVA used every day and let each employee understand the daily production tasks.
2. The material is determined by the manufacturer, so choose a better material.
3. Adjust the lamination process parameters to make the vacuum time appropriate.
4. Increase the lamination pressure.
5. Padded high temperature cloth to heat the components evenly. (The maximum temperature difference is less than 4).
6. Determine the total time of lamination according to the parameters provided by the manufacturer to avoid too long time.
7. 6S management should be paid attention to, especially in the process of lamination, to avoid the falling of foreign matter.

Three. There are hair and garbage in the components
1. Do a good job of 6S management, keep the surrounding working environment clean and tidy, and wash pants frequently for personal hygiene.
2. Adjust the process, optimize the operation of the stacking process, and change the single person to take the material to two persons. 3. Control the channel and install the mosquito killer to reduce the entry of small flying insects.

Fourth, the bus bar is bent inward
1. Adjust the lamination process parameters to lengthen the vacuuming time and reduce the lamination pressure.
2. Choose better materials.

Five, the module back film is uneven
1. Buy better rubber sheets.

2. Do a good job of cleaning the high temperature cloth every time, and clean the residual EVA on the rubber sheet in time.

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