Artifact when hiking: portable power station

Artifact when hiking: portable power station

  • 2022-03-31
No matter where you go or what you do, Mailely can help you stay connected. Even in your favorite outdoor and leisure activities like hiking, a power station is a must. When you're hiking, the battery pack ensures you can stay on the road without worrying about your device losing power. That means you no longer have to worry about the possibility of getting lost because your phone freezes or can't connect to the Maps app.

Your all-in-one hiking Parallel Portable Power Station
Mailely offers all-in-one power and connectivity, so you can have everything you need while still keeping your hiking pack light. Whether you want to make sure your camera has enough power to capture a mountaintop view, keep your phone connected in case you need to get in touch with someone quickly, or get your laptop ready to do some work while you're on the road , our Mailely Solar Power Station provides the all-in-one power and connectivity solution you need.

The Mailely hiking battery pack lets you power multiple devices at the same time, so you can charge laptops, drones, cameras, and phones.

Be ready for anything
You can tackle the longest trails without worrying about running out of battery or losing connection to the Mailely hiking power station. These hiking battery packs have solar panels so they can be powered by the sun so you don't have to worry about charging anything.

Even hikers who want to go completely off the grid should have a solution if they need a quick connection to the outside world. Get ready for anything with our hiking battery packs.

Solutions for leisure activities
Seasoned hikers and beginners alike will want to take advantage of the all-in-one power and connectivity that comes with the Mailely trekking power station. When you're ready to go, all you need is Mailely to make sure you have the motivation and connection you need to make your hiking trip a success.

Fly your drone, connect your phone and power your camera all at once with Mailely for a great hiking experience. Our power station is the connectivity solution for all your entertainment activities with a convenient portable power source.

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