Maximize the use of mini refrigerators

Maximize the use of mini refrigerators

  • 2021-08-19
Mini refrigerator is very suitable for living alone, dormitory, skin care, office food storage and storage of your wine. Your mini refrigerator can store food, snacks and drinks very conveniently, but it also consumes electricity when it comes to paying for electricity. You can use the following tips to save energy and maximize the use of the mini refrigerator.

1.Make the most of mini refrigerator space
When food obstructs the flow of air, it makes the mini refrigerator more difficult to work and makes certain areas of the mini refrigerator warmer than others.
In fact, beverages such as leftovers and alcohol can be placed on the top shelf because they are used more frequently than some other items. The upper shelf also tends to have the most consistent temperature. This helps prevent foods that are prone to spoilage. If you have containers for leftovers, don't put them in the mini refrigerator while they are still hot.
Your mini refrigerator is actually happiest when it is full. When there are more things inside, it needs less energy to maintain the temperature, and it can cool at a faster rate after the door is opened. A good rule of thumb is to put more things in your mini refrigerator than the mini refrigerator. The mini refrigerator needs more air circulation to work effectively, so the goal is to keep it about three-quarters full.
2. Use all compartments wisely
Never forget: an organized mini refrigerator is more efficient. Make full use of proper produce and cheese compartments, because the temperature in the crisper and other drawers is more tightly controlled. In addition, when the food is easy to find, you will spend less time staring at the abyss of the mini refrigerator. The shorter the door is open, the better your device can maintain a cooler temperature. Another tip is to store larger items on lower shelves, as items on the top shelf will trap heat inside the equipment and restrict air flow.
3.Close the mini refrigerator door properly
Every time you open the mini refrigerator, make sure to turn it off properly to prevent cold air from being thrown out. Keeping the mini refrigerator door open will cause the compressor of the device to run hotter air and take longer to cool down. In addition, it burns more electricity.

Leaking door seals are the main culprit for energy loss in mini refrigerators and freezers. An improperly sealed door allows cold air to escape, making equipment work more difficult and reducing food quality.

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