What you need to know: When you buy a second-hand mini refrigerator

What you need to know: When you buy a second-hand mini refrigerator

  • 2021-08-13
Buying an old mini refrigerators can be a cheap way to get some of the household equipment you need, so it can also put some of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Especially second-hand refrigerators, the price is usually less than half of the new refrigerator. Similarly, a mini refrigerator can also reduce the burden of living alone.

Decide the size and type you need
Choose a compact refrigerator among three simple specifications:
Tall: These versions are one of the largest small refrigerators and are generally considered the most practical. Since their thermostat is in the refrigerator, the temperature accuracy of this part seems to be higher than that of the refrigerator part.
Two doors: Some versions have a freezer, which is equivalent to a full-size top freezer, with its own door. Their thermostat is in the refrigerator, and the temperature efficiency of this part is much higher than that of the refrigerator part.
Cube: This version, known for its cube form, is essentially a basic box, with little comfort, less than 2 cubic feet in volume, and offers the least benefits.

Check for odor inside
Refrigerators, including mini-refrigerators, can keep the smell inside the plastic. Before putting the used mini refrigerator in the car, please open the door and smell it. If it smells fashionable, go to the next option. Some odors are almost impossible to remove, causing people to spend hours scrubbing the product, and no matter how much effort they put in to get rid of it, they may be trapped by the odor. Customers can check the mini-refrigerator for odors before taking it home, which saves trouble and waste of money.

Ask questions
Prepare a list of questions and ask the seller about the second-hand refrigerator he or she sells. You should be able to understand whether the equipment is suitable for your needs. Before arranging for you to see the refrigerator in person, you should ask some questions via phone, text message or email. Consider asking:

Why are you selling it?
The answer to this question will tell you a lot. If they just moved to a place equipped with a refrigerator, or are remodeling their kitchen and choosing to recycle their old equipment, then the project may be a high-quality discovery.

Any questions?
Most people will be honest about any imperfections or problems, and then you can decide whether you can accept or fix it.
Are you the original owner?
A person's electrical appliances are as popular as a person's car, because this person knows all its history. In addition, if a person owns something for a long time, it is likely that it is not a lemon.
What does it look like?
I hope you find that the advertisement for a potential refrigerator has already posted its inside and outside photos. If not, please ask about the color, condition, shelf and storage box to evaluate whether it meets your needs.
Does it have all its parts?
Make sure everything is included, such as shelves, containers, and door handles, or study whether they can be easily replaced.

Finally, although a second-hand compact refrigerator sounds like a bargain. But if you have a sufficient budget, I suggest that you do not buy second-hand mini refrigerators. Because it is inevitable that there will be some problems, otherwise its original owner will not easily sell it, you'd better ask clearly. If you are interested in mini refrigerators, please take a look at our website. We provide household mini refrigerators, bar mini refrigerators and hotel mini refrigerators. We will provide the best quality service and the best prices. Come and contact us!

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