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Parallel Portable Power Station

Parallel 300w Portable Power Station For Home

Parallel 300w Portable Power Station For Home

Our portable power station has multiple functions and can be used as a power bank, home backup power supply and mobile lighting.

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Parallel 300w Portable Power Station For Home

300W Portable Power Station Specifications
Rated power: 300W
Rated capacity: 307.84Wh
Standard capacity: 3.7V/83200mAh
Overload protection: 350±40W
AC output: 110V±10%/60HZ
Output waveform : Pure sine wave
USB output: QC3.0/18W
Type-C output: PD60W
Cigarret lighter output: 14V/8A
DC55*2.5 output: 14V/8A
Wireless charging: 10W
Charging input Voltage: 12-24V
Working temperature: -10-40℃
Net weight: ≈3.5kg
Gross weight: ≈4.5kg
Dimension: 244*171*177mm
Applicable area: USA, JAPAN, EUROPE, AND AUSTRALIA standard optional

Portable Power Station Application
Two types of 300w can be connected in parallel to drive equipment below 600w.

Portable Power Station Features
LED Lighting
PD Quick charging
Solar charging
Wireless charging

Mailely service
1. We are a professional supplier of portable energy storage power stations with favorable prices.
2. Accept small batch customization.
3. The output port can be customized according to different regions.
4. Provide multiple types of products, wattage from 100w to 2000w
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