• Maximize the use of mini refrigerators
    • 2021-08-19

    Mini refrigerator is very suitable for living alone, dormitory, skin care, office food storage and storage of your wine. Your mini refrigerator can store food, snacks and drinks very conveniently, but it also consumes electricity when it comes to paying for electricity. You can use the following tips to save energy and maximize the use of the mini refrigerator. 1.Make the most of mini refrigerator...

  • What you need to know: When you buy a second-hand mini refrigerator
    • 2021-08-13

    Buying an old mini refrigerators can be a cheap way to get some of the household equipment you need, so it can also put some of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Especially second-hand refrigerators, the price is usually less than half of the new refrigerator. Similarly, a mini refrigerator can also reduce the burden of living alone. Decide the size and type you need Choose a compact refriger...

  • Tips: Maybe you have some confusion about the mini refrigerator
    • 2021-08-06

    Will a mini refrigerator increase your electricity bill? On average, a mini-fridge will increase the electricity bill by US$3.29 per month or US$39.49 per year. Electricity costs vary depending on the brand, model, and installation of the equipment, as well as the state, season, and time of day. How cold is it? Different mini refrigerators reach different temperatures. Products advertised as zero-...

  • How to clean the mini refrigerators
    • 2021-07-30

    Mini refrigerators are not only suitable for college students’ rooms. Game rooms, garages or offices are ideal places to place additional refrigerators to keep drinks and snacks cool and prevent users from trekking all the way to the main refrigerator. Just like you do with other appliances, the mini fridge should also be cleaned regularly to keep it working efficiently and provide food and drinks...

  • Safe use of mini fridge
    • 2021-07-22

    A mini refrigerator (sometimes called an under-counter refrigerator) is exactly what it sounds like. It is a small version of the typical size refrigerator found in every American kitchen. There are home mini refrigerators, mini refrigerators for dormitories, mini refrigerators for bars, mini refrigerators for offices, and mini refrigerators for hotels. The difference lies in the size, lower power...

  • Mini Fridge Buying Guide
    • 2021-07-16

    A mini refrigerator has many advantages and can be very useful as a compact living space for people. When we talk about the types available on the market, there are also various products. We hope our mini refrigerator buying guide can solve all your common questions as we guide you through the basic classification. Mini refrigerator size The size of a compact refrigerator is very important. Produc...

  • Solar power system and Generator, how do you choose
    • 2021-07-09

    What to do if there is a power outage, although generators have been a common backup for grid outages for decades, solar power system are now a more viable option considered by homeowners. 1.sound: Generators are generally less noisy than portable generators, but they can still make loud sounds. For the quietest person, imagine a motorcycle engine running non-stop. The solar power system is silent...

  • Suitable for Abundant scenes:MINI REFRIGERATOR
    • 2021-07-01

    OUTDOORS: Are you sad because you can't eat cold drinks outdoors in summer? A mini refrigerator can help you solve the problem. Mini refrigerators can be placed almost anywhere with a power plug, and can be easily stored in outdoor kitchens, pools, and even make your car camping experience more comfortable and convenient. The garage or outdoor studio is also a good place to put a mini refrigerator...

  • Are there any worries about power loss after using solar power system
    • 2021-06-12

    There are more and more users using solar power generation system. After using the solar power system, they found that the daily power generation did not meet their expectations. For example, some people install 3KW solar power system, but only produce 5 to 6KW/H a day, and some are even lower. why? Who stole my electricity?  There are the follow aspects: The voltage of wire decreases PV modu...

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